Recent Baby Makes

As I’ve had a bit of a run recently on making baby clothes, my baby fabric stash was in *desperate* need of re-stocking. (Disclaimer: my definition of desperate comparative to others may vary!) I’d received a voucher code from and thought it was a good opportunity to bump up my stash. are really reliable and very well priced. Some of these jerseys cost nearly twice the price at my local fabric store. Obviously as they buy on mass they are better placed to be able to negotiate on price and where I can I try and support my local store – it’s all about trying to find that balance!

This was my little haul:


Oooo you lovely fabrics!

I tend to keep a stash of baby fabrics as baby projects are those that I just dip in to when I have an hour or two to spare. They’re there for when I feel like making something or need a kick start to my sewjo. I’ve recently been buying a lot of neutral but cute baby fabrics as I’ve realised that neutrals are a big trend for babies right now, and they are also easy to gift to girls and boys!

My first make out of this stash was these hat and bib sets:


I love to make these as they are quite speedy and people seem to love them. There’s something about how small and cute the hats are! I line the dribble bibs with C.Pauli’s super soft white nicci velours, made with organic cotton. I could just spend hours stroking it. I can’t think of anything better to wear against soft little baby faces! I also use two snap fasteners (sometimes three) so that these bibs can grow as baby does.

Whilst I’m on the subject of C.Pauli I also used some remnants of one of their beautiful box kits to make these gorgeous hats. In-keeping with the neutrals theme, these proved very popular. I will definitely be making more of these as the fabric is so gorgeous.


I’ve also had more success recently with combining the soft velours for larger bibs with a jersey top such as the one below. I’ve discovered that as long as the jersey is reasonably stable, you can still get a good finish without anything stretching out of shape. I’ve also discovered the cam snaps made specifically for jersey – these have that bit of extra grip for stretch fabrics and I would definitely recommend them!


Anyway – that concludes my round up of latest baby makes. All of the makes featured have already found loving homes, but should you wish to order anything, just let me know!


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