Fabric Market Shopping List

Today is the last day of September, which is both a little bit scary that this year has flown by so fast, but also exciting as one of my favourite events is coming up super soon! 4 times per year, the Dutch Fabric Market (Stoffmarktholland) comes to Frankfurt for one day of stash expansion crafty joy! I am extra excited this time around as I unfortunately missed the market’s last visit as I was away on holiday … so I have waited a whole six months for this one! As we don’t have a huge selection of places to go fabric shopping in Frankfurt, it’s great to just have a splurge at very reasonable prices and to feel the lovely crafty vibe of all the other excited shoppers.

The last time I went to the fabric market, I learnt two key things:

  1. Thou shalt not visit the fabric market without a giant blue Ikea shopping bag to hold your swag
  2. Thou shalt always write a shopping list in advance, or thou will be mighty overwhelmed

So, heeding these two important commandments, my Ikea bags are at the ready, and today, I set about writing my shopping list. To create my shopping list, I decided to delve back through all of my scribbles and notes and have a look at what patterns I still plan to buy in the near future and which projects I would like to tackle next. I came up with the following:

Phew – and that’s the consolidated list! I definitely won’t end up buying something for all of those, but it’s just good to keep in mind what you want to make so that the fabric has some sort of purpose! As you can see, my sewing is looking pretty jersey heavy right now, so I may also look out for some more jersey sewing machine needles.

As a result my shopping list looks something like this:

  • Nice black jersey knit
  • Soft t-shirt jersey in stripes
  • Sweatshirt fabric (one for the Burda, one for the track pants, one for the McCalls)
  • Felted wool
  • Plain jersey in jewel colours for Moneta
  • Thick striped jersey for Coco
  • Cute print fabric for PJ trousers
  • Funky Buttons
  • Backing fabric for my Mum’s Quilt
  • Thread rolls

What I am not allowed to buy is zippers or any more fat quarters! I am drowning in them as I can’t resist a cute print or two … I’m sure I’ll end up with a couple and maybe some mystery fabric too! That’s the joy of the fabric market, you never know what you might find!

I can’t wait to show you what I come home with in a couple of weeks … in the meantime there seems to be a few babies on the way around here so I am going to set about sewing an army of Ernest elephants!


7 thoughts on “Fabric Market Shopping List

  1. Katherine McCrea says:

    I, too, have to set rules for what I will and will not buy at the sewing expos or fabric shows. Most of the time I follow my list and self imposed rules. Oh, and I have to set a spending limit or we’re not eating that fortnight.


    • Amy-June says:

      Haha I know exactly what you mean – fabric is excellent for bringing joy – not so good for eating or paying rent 😦 I’m allowing myself a bit of buffer for spontaneous purchases – but not too many! The hardest part will not be buying more fat quarters – I just love all the prints but never know what I will do with them! I need to do more quilting!


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