Fat Quarter Projects

It’s been a bit of a quiet week on the sewing front this week on account of my wisdom teeth having to make an assisted exit from my jaw … I’ve spent most of the time lying in bed and although I thought I’d spend the time reading nice sewing magazines and making plans, I really didn’t feel up to much but sleeping and Netflix. I have now watched so much Nashville I am planning to add “y’all” to my vocabulary and am ready to launch my own country music label! In order to save you all from that horror, today I thought I’d do a little simple stitching with my chipmunk face using things I already have in my stash.

I bought this cute fat quarter bundle during Tschibo’s craft week (what didn’t I buy during Tschibo’s craft week?!) I really liked the colours and prints and thought they might come in handy for any number of things.

You may remember that following my Foxy Drawstring Pouch make I had designs on making larger versions as travel laundry bags. I decided that the rose print would be great for that. As I only had the one piece of rose print fabric, I sort of winged it on the dimensions by folding in half and cutting in two and sort of eyeballing what would be good travel laundry bag size (sorry I know that’s not helpful tutorial stuff haha!) I again used the instructions from Heather Ross’ Weekend Sewing book and it came together nice and simple. It was the perfect simple make to keep me busy and distracted from my chipmunk face, but achievable enough not to leave me feeling exhausted.

I decided it would be nice to do a bit of embellishment to jazz it up a bit, so I added this cute little contrast tag and label. I need to seriously practice my hand stitching (or decide at the beginning rather than the end to add these so they can be machine sewn!) It was a nice opportunity to use my zig-zag scissors though! (I know they have a proper sewing name but it is being elusive right now!) 

So here it is … the finished bag! I put some laundry in it to achieve the full effect!

As I had a little bit of the rose print fabric left, I used it to make a little needle book. I’ve needed one of these for ages as my hand sewing needles seem to go walk about all the time! I’m pleased to have finally made them a home! Once I’m feeling a bit better, I might put a little tutorial up on this one, as it was super simple to make but also a very practical thing to own!

So there we have it …. a couple of nice little fat quarter projects to cheer me up! All that excitement has worn me out so I’m off for a nap! I hope everyone is having a lovely Saturday!


5 thoughts on “Fat Quarter Projects

  1. lagrancostanza says:

    Both projects are really cute! A laundry bag for travelling is very practical now that I think about it – maybe I need to make one too!

    I hope you feel better soon! I remember when I had chipmunk face after having my wisdom teeth taken out … ugh. 😦


    • Amy-June says:

      Thank you!! I think I’m finally on the mend … Hope I’ll be back to some proper stitching soon!! I’d definitely recommend the laundry bag – I’m thinking of making one from my mum now too hehe! They’re a nice thing to personalize and to use up pretty prints!


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