Bettine Dress in Chambray

After the success of my Bettine Dress in in Funky Florals, I decided it was time to add another one of these workhorses to my wardrobe. I’d actually bought this lovely Chambray online a couple of weeks back as part of my Autumn Sewing Plans – so a Chambray Bettine has always been on the cards for me, it was just seeing Tilly’s “Sew a Jersey Bettine” Blog post that helped my floral dress jump the queue! As I feel like I’ve bought a lot of fabric recently, it was good to sew something from my stash!

For the pocket skirt non-jersey version of Bettine, you need quite a few more pattern pieces, so my first step was to Pi-Dy these. I then set about cutting.

Snipety Snip

This fabric makes the most delightful noise when you cut it – it was just a treat! I cut exactly the same sizes as I did the last time – a 7 on top and a 5 on the bottom, which were great from a fit perspective, but slightly more problematic without the jersey stretch when it came to construction. It was a little bit more of a fudge this time to join the bodice and skirt at the waistline, but on account of the elastic I think it hides ok! Apart from that though, I really enjoyed the construction of this dress. I felt like I got to try a few more techniques – I’d never made a bag pocket before for example, and I was really pleased with the results. I was a bit baffled by Tilly’s instructions for adding the sleeve cuffs, until I realised it is on account of the rolled up sleeve effect. Essentially if you’re making the tabbed sleeve version it’s the opposite of the jersey version – gah! I just went with it though and learned the valuable lesson that you should always listen to Tilly!

Buttons Galore!

I was really happy to make the tabbed sleeve version as I was excited to get to pick some buttons! I’m developing quite an extensive button collection, but due to my fear of button holes have yet to have had much opportunity to use them. I spent ages choosing from this little lot, and even got the PB involved! In the end we chose a subtle blue with little polka dots, and I think now the sleeve tabs are my favourite feature.

What I also love about this dress was that it was an opportunity for me to use one of these cute little labels that I’d bought from Tschibo! It makes me smile every time I see it and it has the advantage that now it’s easier to find the back of my dress when I’m sleepy in the morning!

So here it is, my final Bettine! I’m afraid I am having my wisdom teeth taken out today so there won’t be any pictures of me wearing things until I look less like a chipmunk! I did however wear this dress to sewing class last night and it was great! I particularly love the pockets – it’s definitely worth the extra pattern pieces to make them and the instructions are really easy to follow! The only changes I would make next time are to lengthen the skirt an inch or so and to allow slightly more ease in the skirt where I have taken out the Tulip Skirt shaping. It would just give a bit more breathing room when I sit down!

I’ve become a bit obsessed with making Bettine dresses now … last night at sewing class I saw this super super cute hare print jersey fabric in the shop … it’s mega expensive but I think it would make the BEST jersey Bettine! Maybe as a post-op treat …?

Hope you are all having happy sewing times this Autumn/Spring (if you are in the Southern Hemisphere!) Let me know what you’re up to!


6 thoughts on “Bettine Dress in Chambray

  1. JessicaRose says:

    This dress is very pretty! I love the fabric. Ok, you’ve inspired me to get off my butt and finish the fitting class I’ve been doing online. That way I can try and tackle the Megan dress.


  2. Claire@TheRedDoorMakery says:

    I love it! (you can imagine me dancing about on account of the pockets!!) I’m stuck at home too, waiting for the sofa repair man. I’m tempted to start working on something, but I just know he’s going to turn up the second I start pinning things together… I hope your jaw is feeling better soon! x


    • Amy-June says:

      Thank you!!! It’s a great dress to see in because you can put things in the pockets hehe! I’m sat in bed with Netflix doing a little hand sewing on a baby blanket I made ages ago … I always put off hand sewing the binding haha! I look super chipmunk-ish but I have some excellent meds! Hoping it won’t take too long to be back to normal!


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