MIY Collection Brightside Shrug

When I saw the Brightside Shrug Pattern from Miy Collection on R3DRobinsnest’s Fall/Winter Wardrobe Planning Post I was so keen to get hold of the pattern! I used to wear a lot of shrugs back when I was at uni, but they don’t seem to have been so hip since then so I haven’t seen many in stores. I love a shrug cardigan for my shape, and this one had the coolest flared sleeves!

As this pattern is only available as a PDF, I set about printing and sellotaping (which I loathe), however I did realise in the process that I could just cut out the pattern and no tracing would be required which made me feel quite cheerful. The next day I set about cutting out – at a mere 3 pattern pieces it doesn’t come much quicker and easier than this!

The fabric I used for the shrug was a ridiculously expensive dogtooth knit which I bought about this time last year. I had bought it to make a dress, and then promptly realised I required more than the 2 metres I had bought so was a bit disappointed. At one point I made a pencil tube skirt out of some of it, which wasn’t a very successful make, so I was just left with a sad little remnant which I didn’t know what to do with to show for my expensive purchase. I cannot tell you how smug and delighted I was when I realised that my sad little remnant was the perfect amount to make this shrug!

The fabric itself is sort of slippery, so was a bit of a pain to pin and cut, but was lovely to sew with and has this lovely weightiness to it which means it falls beautifully. I sewed it with my newly discovered Overlock Stitch on my Pfaff which is a real treat. It means that I feel more confident that things will stand up to the washing machine and will look good on both the outside and the inside! As I’ve done a LOT of sewing with jersey recently, I felt like this top came together super fast. I feel like I’m becoming a bit of a pro at attaching sleeve bands and neckbands which is a great feeling. The Simple Sew Jersey Top really stood me in good stead! 

Overall, the Brightside Shrug felt like a great and easy sew. So much so, that my mum and I have both ordered a copy of MIY Collection’s Wendy Ward’s book, The Beginner’s Guide to Dressmaking. I have really high hopes for it as every pattern of Wendy’s I’ve seen so far seems to be right up my street style-wise. I’m sure in addition to the patterns from her book there will be at least another two or three Brightside Shrugs. I wore this one to work and it’s so easy to just throw on and feel good in!

Do you have any patterns or pattern designers that you would return to time and again?  Or a favourite project you managed to squeeze from a remnant? I’d love to hear from you!


7 thoughts on “MIY Collection Brightside Shrug

    • Amy-June says:

      Hehe thank you! I am sewing a lot at the moment, think I’ve got a bit addicted! I am a bit of an instant gratification sewer though – I tend to make projects in one Saturday afternoon rather than sew a gorgeous wool coat over 8 weeks or something! I need to learn some patience hehe!


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