Refugee Sewing Project

I don’t normally comment openly on my feelings about things politically, but this week news of the Refugee Crisis has been overwhelming. I wanted to do something to support people facing this awful situation, but most of the volunteer organisations here in Frankfurt are actually overwhelmed with clothes, food and volunteers (how great is that?! Go Germany!)

What I did find however is this lovely project  – Mini Decki! The aim of project Mini Decki is to provide every refugee child with their own fleecy cuddle blanket. The blankets are supposed to be a symbol of comfort and safety and let the children know they are welcome in Germany.

In order to achieve this, the project is collecting fabric to turn in to patchwork loveliness at a group sewing event. As I can’t attend the event as I will be away with work, I wanted to make a contribution by sewing something at home. I whipped up these cute little fleecy snuggle pillows with a pinwheel design using the Missouri Quilt Company’s easy pinwheel tutorial.  

I’ve attached the pin wheels to some fleece to make a lovely snuggly comforter pillow.

I’m really pleased with how these turned out and can’t wait to take them to my local quilt shop, Quiltmanufaktur, to be added to the supplies that will be going to refugee children here near Frankfurt.

I really want to make some more of these using some of my cute animal print fabrics, as I think they will be much more children friendly, but unfortunately today I ran out of stuffing 😦 So tomorrow I am off to purchase stuffing and then maybe later this week there will be a part II to this post! Happy sewing people!


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