New Pattern Excitement!

My minimalistic pattern collection …

So … this is my current sewing pattern collection … pretty minimalistic huh? What I love about this collection is it actually contains a good few key pieces, from trousers to tops, to a couple of skirts and jackets. I find Simplicity Patterns really work well for me in terms of sizing and fit, and they can be slightly more generous on the cut than some of the Indie patterns out there which is nice for a fuller figure.

Until now I have been supplementing this collection with some really handy sewing books … Tilly and the Buttons’ Love at First Stitch was the first sewing book that I bought and I loved the fact that it had pattern pieces with achievable projects which made me feel like I could actually do this sewing thing! More on Tilly’s book in a review coming soon …

In addition to the books, as you may have already noticed, I’m also a big fan of the online free pattern. There is so much out there with some great video tutorials and a community of people to help you when you get stuck! It’s almost as if I’d never need to buy a pattern … until today!

Earlier this week I signed up for my first real face to face sewing class (just a teeny bit excited – wheeeee!) and for that class I need to choose a pattern. I’m looking for something challenging enough that I can get the most out of having supervision to hand, but not something so challenging that I feel despondent/can’t get it finished in the 16 hours of class we have.

So I went shopping … for one pattern … and ended up with three! This is partly due to the fact that I made a fantastic discovery! Living in Germany, I’d always been put off by the latest Indie patterns, with the exchange rate being as it is and delivery costs and customs costs all adding up. Today however I discovered UrbanCut Indie Patterns – a great German website stocking ByHandLondon and Sewaholic. I also discovered a German stockist of some of Tilly’s older patterns, as well as separate stockist of Collette patterns.

My three patterns of choice were:


Moneta by Collette patterns


 Coco by Tilly and the Buttons


 and the Charlotte Skirt by ByHandLondon.

I am no closer to choosing which of these I should go with for my sewing class … all I know is that I am super excited to start thinking fabric and notions!

Which pattern do you think I should pick for my sewing course? Have you made, Coco, Moneta or Charlotte and have any hints or tips? I would love to hear from you!


4 thoughts on “New Pattern Excitement!

  1. Life of Janine says:

    Great pattern choices! I’ve never used a pattern made by a smaller pattern company so can’t offer any advice there. If I was taking lessons I’d select something difficult, which for me would be the dress. The bodice looks to be quite fitted, and for me, that’s a struggle!

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  2. Amy-June says:

    I think you’re right! I’ve never had much luck with fitting of dresses so far – particularly as I need to brave an FBA! So maybe the Moneta is the way to go! I think it also recommends Jersey material which is always a challenge … maybe the sewing school will let me loose on their overlocker 😀


  3. patternandbranch says:

    I’m working on my first Coco now, but haven’t tried the others. Don’t be afraid of knits and jersey. I find them really forgiving. Many of my first projects were in jersey. A walking foot and jersey needle do help, though. I think any of these would be great first projects (maybe that’s not super helpful, but hopefully it’s encouraging). What are you most excited about?


    • Amy-June says:

      I’m so sad – my Coco Pattern was sold out so I ordered Miette instead – now I am a little afraid of Pin Tucks, but a good opportunity to master a new technique! I don’t have a walking foot, but my Pfaff does have IDT which I’ve never engaged for jersey but now I’m thinking I should give it a try!! I think I might go with Moneta for my class – it’s a good combo of jersey but also some bodice fitting which always seems to be the bit I struggle with most on a pattern! I’m so excited to get started!! Please show me your Coco when you’re finished – I’d love to see it!

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