Vespas … On Cushions … Why not?

On Saturday I went fabric shopping … with no particular project in mind! First cardinal rule broken right there, but any how! I thought I would have a little peruse and see if I could find any bargains, and find a bargain I did. I don’t think many people would say they went out shopping specifically looking for Vespa photo print fabric, but when you see it, you just can’t say no! 100% cotton and reduced to EUR 7/m – it had to be mine! To top it off, the gentleman behind the till gave me an additional 10% off for my additional enthusiasm, so it was definitely worth it.

Vespas and glamorous Italian women – what could go wrong?

I immediately thought that cushions might be quite a funky project to make with this fabric and on returning home I sized up a pair of sad looking cushions on our sofa for a makeover. Amazingly from 60cm of fabric I had enough to do two cushions with envelope closures and still have enough fabric left over for a wash bag of some sort … (now I just need to find somebody who would like to receive a Vespa print wash bag as a gift!)

Cushion one – slightly regretting the prominent placement of glamorous Italian lady!

So here is the final product …. I’m actually really pleased with how these turned out, even if they might not actually match our current decor and are a bit off the wall! I managed to get the sizing spot on, which is definite progress considering I didn’t have a pattern, take any measurements or follow any instructions. To be honest, I think some of the quality of the finish of these has to be attributed to the fabric. At an original price of a stonking EUR 25/m, you could really tell the difference in the pressing and sewing.

They certainly cheer up our old sofa anyway! And they will definitely be coming to our new home!

A pair of handmade Italian photo print Vespa cushions … not going to find them in Ikea!

What about you? Have you made any ridiculous impulse fabric purchases recently? What did you make out of them?


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